Pre Production

When any corporate and industrialist , Manufacturer or any Businessman think to create his documentary or video films , that time many question raise in his mind, there are many imagination and vision for corporate video, where they want to show their product, fashion, technology, services, management etc. but they do not know to how to take it on ground . 

That time our expert work for our client where we solve our client answer,  our experience work here and we know very well about his need . our home work or pre production work help us  in production days to make very productive , efficient and successful as possible shoot in time frame.

Our Marketing associate understand need of client. Marketing person provide best plan for video shoot in low cost budget with in effective manner. After completing Marketing person work our strategy and planing  team (Operational and communication management ) involve with client for direct communication to avoid any communication gap. Our production team visit at shoot site or client location to understand all requirement which is required on shoot day, Production team prepare video shoot layout and script writer write script for video shoot and photography, Production team  fix date and time schedule for video shoot , set time frame, understand need for lighting and camera, manpower, material, crane, drone videography, Anchor for corporate shoot. our communication department discussed this layout and script with client’s person, If there are some changes find by the client we revised it . we keep ready backup plan too for video shoot. By best planning we never waste our single second on video shoot day. So that we capture maximum footage.