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B2B Industry Videography

For industrial Videography in Noida Delhi / Ncr visual presentation is created for B2B industry. This video helps in showcasing the operations and functioning of any industrial unit. Our production team captures your production units and present in such a manner that reveals your efficiency, working environment, and dedication of your employees towards your organization. Videos are the ultimate platform to showcase your business ideas and strategies to the target

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Industrial Video Making Company located in Noida Delhi/Ncr consist of a team who are expert  in making of corporate videos for all type of manufactures, Industrialist, factory, corporate offices and other shooting services. Our dedicated team is eligible for shooting all type of manufacturing process.  Our team is well equipped for any type of shoot such as  factory , industry, Machine, Product, etc for an effective business presentations, business networking , client engagement and customer conversion.

Industrial Video Shooting Services

YBM Network Films and Production House provides video shooting services for industrial sector. We cover manufacturing process that brings out a final output step by step. Our pre production team prepare industrial shoot lay out and write a good script for industrial manufacturing process videography in Noida delhi/Ncr. We shoot on the basis of  international para meters and capture footages suitable for international standards. We suggest for good props for shooting for a better result. To know more about our service contact our YBM production team.


Our Video shooting team are expert to capture footages of manufacturing process and machine demo by keeping in mind the international standards which will help you easily  deliver your working message to your audience. YBM is one of the best production house  in making industrial shoot, corporate films and all type of commercial videos.  


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    What does an industrial video do?

    Industrial videos explain all processes or technical concepts to viewers that are often too difficult to describe with just text, and it would be a very lengthy process. An industrialist can walk viewers through all manufacturing processes, maintenance tasks, supply chain, machines and technology, equipment, materials, research programs, OEM services, and troubleshooting instructions for specific products.

    Use and benefits of industrial videos

    An industrial video is a very easy way to show your industrial product or industry at anytime, anywhere. These corporate videos will assist you in any business seminar or business exhibition, as well as any sales meeting, business lead, and so on. Video plays a very significant role. Your representative can show all business presentations through an industrial video. Industrial videos can be shared very easily with a single click.

    In today’s time, it’s very easy to promote our services online, and social media platforms and your company website are very helpful in promoting our industrial videos.

    Industrial video is a great investment and easier to cover return on investment (ROI) for lead conversion. Video marketing can also be used as an internal resource and training tool for your sales team. The videos will help your clients better understand your company, products, and services. Video is a perfect source for internal training and new staff. A senior person can share his ability to mature a sales lead or specific target, and your new trainee or joiner can show your company message to their client through video. Your sales team will definitely find your company profile videos a helpful tool

    • Video marketers get 70% more qualified annual leads and business conversions.
    • A video helps to make your business into a brand. A video marketing effort can achieve a 55% increase in brand awareness.
    • Business marketers that use video content grow revenue 50% faster than those who don’t do video marketing.

    Many industrialists or business owners are investing in videos to share customer testimonials and success stories, promote products or services, and increase their brand. Most importantly, videos help with sales marketing and brand awareness. With a company profile video or corporate industrial video profile, manufacturers can simply engage more buyers and business leads and turn them into sales and customers.

    The Demo Video for industrial products

    For an industrialist stuck in a problem when a big-sized industrial product demo is required. Industrial products demonstrate more complicated services. Product demo videos teach your viewers how to do something with your product. Your demo video should capture how your product works. Product demo videos save your company money and travel expenses. It’s easy to share with your client and beneficial to your sales. After-sales service: the best part of the service is the demo videos.

    Through an industrial video, industrial and manufacturers can give prospects a tour of their factories or plants, helping showcase their machines, management, processes, and capabilities, and it lends legitimacy to their businesses. Industrial videos are the most effective way to present yourself and stand apart from the competition. Industrialists give a front-row seat to their buyers to see their operations’ inner workings through industrial videos. and show what makes them a strong partner for their customers.

    Why Do You Need A Corporate Industrial Video Profile Today?

    Nowadays, customers are more interested in videos than any other written text form of content. You can think about your social media and online habits. How many videos have you watched on social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or another platform this week? Company profile videos generate trust in your company and product or services. A company video profile simply engages more buyers and business leads and turns them into sales and customers.

    If you are handling a company, manufacturing unit, or OEM, you don’t have a company profile video. If you are not utilising video marketing in your marketing, you could be missing out on opportunities for new business leads. In fact, around 90% of customers are likely to buy a product after watching a product video.


    An industrial or company video profile gives trust and a feel of the type of product and service. In today’s scenario, videos are more than just about selling; they’re a tool for building relationships.

    What to show in the company or industrial profile video?

    • Show what industrial services or products you manufacture.
    • Show what quality of raw materials you use.
    • Address how your company helps clients or customers and demonstrate after-sale service.
    • Mention text and a company punch line song that will give your story life.
    • Show your company logo and tagline.
    • Show a human connection to your brand.
    • Give a contact detail and a call to action at the end of the video for buyers to contact you.
    • Share your video on your website and share it across all your marketing channels, like social media platforms.
    • YBM Network team will help you more while scripting storyboard and shoot layout.


    When you purchase corporate industrial video shooting services on, we also develop social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc., for free for OEMs, Manufacturers, SME Distributors, and Service Companies.




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