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YBM Films and production house is the best place for your product photoshoot. We have a professional team for product photography and videography who have very good experience for E-commerce product shoot. We also shoot product teaser video or video ads for social media advertisement. YBM is one of the best company for capturing products in best frame. YBM Network has a product photography, Modeling, E-commerce shoot photo studio and videography setup based in Noida. 


For Product Photoshoot our experts,  script writers work upon showing the look and feel of the product from all the angles along with describing the quality of your product. Our anchor explains all quality of your product. Through product videography your marketing team can answer the queries before the customer ask for  about your product. It becomes easy for the customer to take purchasing decision.


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Product  shoot and product video graphy videos

 Use and benefits of an advertisement video

An advertisement video is a very easy way to promote your product and services. show your company profile, industry, manufacturing, IT services, machine, and management any time anywhere. These advertisement videos help you in any business seminar or business exhibition or in any sales meeting, business leads, etc. advertisement video plays a very important role, your business representative can show quickly company messages or presentations through an advertisement video. When we create an advertisement video we complete it within 20 seconds or a maximum 30-second timeline, we cover all necessary points in this time frame, Thus advertisement video is a complete company profile video or presentation in 20 seconds.   Corporate video can be shared very easily with a single click all over the world at any time.

In today’s time, if we have an advertisement video,  it’s very easy to promote our product or services online, social media platforms like youtube ads, Facebook ads or many more, and the company website. Advertisement videos also help in video marketing. It also serves as a helping tool for your sales team.

Advertisement videos help your customer to understand your company, products, and services more clearly. Video is a perfect source for clients to know more about the company and products or services. Definitely, your sales team will find your advertisement videos a helpful tool.


What to show in the advertisement video?

Being an advertisement maker or video making company we suggest –

  • Decide your company punchline or Tagline.
  • Write a good script.
  • TimeLine should me 20 Seconds or a max of 30 seconds
  • Show what product or services you manufacture and product quality.
  • Show what quality of raw material or ingredients you use.
  • Address how your company helps clients or customers and show after-sale service
  • Mention text and a company punch line music that will give your story life
  • Show your company logo and tagline.
  • Show a human connection to your brand
  • Give a contact detail and call to action at the end of the video for buyers to contact you
  • Share your video on your website and shared it across all your marketing channels, like social media platforms.
  • YBM Network team will help you more while scripting storyboard and shoot layout.

Why Do You Need Advertisement Video Profile Today?

Nowadays, customers are more interested in videos than any other written text form of content. You can Think about your social media and online habits. How many videos have you watched on social media like tweeter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or another platform this week? Company profile videos or TV advertisement videos generate trust in your company and product or services. An advertisement video simply engages more buyers and business leads and turns them into sales and customers.

If you are handling a company or manufacturing unit or OEM. you don’t have an advertisement video.  You are not utilizing video marketing in your marketing; you could be missing out on opportunities for new business leads. In fact, around 90% of customers are likely to buy a product after watching a product video.

An industrial or company video profile gives trust and feel of the type of product and service. In today’s scenario, videos are more than just about selling, they’re a tool for building relationships.

  • When you purchase corporate industrial video shooting services on, we include developing social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc free for OEMs, Manufacturers, SME Distributors, and Service Companies.





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