Production is the day when our production team moves out for indoor or outdoor shoot. On this day the layout being prepared in the pre-production step is used.

While corporate video production process we capture video footages and stills work.  We execute our pre-production on ground.  Our team is well prepared on shoot day, so work done by us is with perfection without wasting our time as well as client time. As per script finalized videography process is given a shape. For outdoor shoot or for indoor shoot, the team working at YBM Network is highly experienced. They take care of not leaving any angle to shoot and keeping clicking until gets the best shot or best footage. On shoot day all safety measures is taken care by us. We carry all the required equipment’s on the day of shoot. As per shoot requirement we send crane operators, experts in drone videography, effective light set up with light man, spot boy, camera holding crane, high definition lenses, photographers, makeup artist, voice recorder, reflectors, monitor, hard disk to save data on hand, we also use multi camera set up as shoot demands for, if required we also provide models, Props, voice over artist etc. Our team is very quick in handling transportation and reach on shoot destination on said time.

 A well-maintained studio set up is available that we use for chroma shoot, portfolio shoot, etc. All facility is available at our production house such as changing room, wash room , easy to reach, project discussion room, WIFI, cctv , waiting hall, shoot in sun light on roof, and terrace available, cabin, chroma, different color background, lighting set up, high defined camera equipment , cameraman and supporting staff, lunch area, safety and security, props, etc. Our main motive is to shoot best scene to enhance video and photography quality.

While shooting in industrial area or factory , we take care all safety points and follow industrial guidle line, as safety healmate, safety shoes, gogles, glubs etc .

In corporate shoot , we maintain corporate rule and while taking interview or testimonials , we create very friendly environment because we know first time camera facing is not easy for everyone, so our experience team help and make noramal , we make easy interview shoot through our teleprompter and other activities